Skip Bin do's & dont's

There are plenty of things you CAN do with your skip bin - but there are also things you CANT do....

  • DO break up larger items such as boxes, furniture etc so you can maximise the capacity of your bin - you dont want to pay for space you dont use.
  • DO tell us if you have tyres or mattresses. (Additional fees apply)
  • DO feel free to call us if you need the bin for a few extra days - we're happy to accomodate where we can.
  • DO let us know if you have a mix of household rubbish and hard rubbish (bricks/soil/concrete etc) - 2 smaller bins may be better suited, and cheaper, than one large one.
  • DO tell us if you want the bin to go out in the street or on the nature strip - you'll need a Council permit but we can organise that for you (*Council charges apply)
  • DO place any batteries on the top of your bin - so we can make sure they are disposed of correctly.
  • DONT overfill your bin - we can't legally remove a bin that is filled higher than the rim.
  • DONT put food waste/putrescible waste or dangerous/hazerdous waste in your bin - remember we sort all our bins by hand.
  • DONT move your bin once we've delivered it without talking to us first. We will always try an place the bin in the most convenient spot for you to fill, but if you push it under your carport or around the corner to fill it -   we wont be able to get it out!
  • DONT mix hard waste (bricks/soil/concrete etc) with other general rubbish.
  • DONT put old gas bottles, wet paint, oil, fuel or chemicals in the bin.