Long gone are the days when you could fill your dustbin to overflowing, knowing that the dustman would take it all away. Now we have to sort our garbage, deciding which bin it should go in, and we are limited on the space in each bin. This means that if one week, we have additional waste such as grass cuttings, or empty boxes, we might not be able to fit them in with our standard weekly household waste. One way to get around this problem is to hire a skip bin hire Frankston.

Of course you can dedicate a dump pile in the rear corner of your backyard with the idea that you can store your waste and even add to it over the coming months. Then when it is big enough, call someone to clear it for you or you can do it yourself if you hire a large skip bin. The problem with building up a waste pile in your backyard is that it become a breeding ground for insects and vermin. For spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice, your dump mound is a playground to thrive, have fun, lay eggs, raise a family and spread disease. When it comes time to get rid of your dump mound, the task is transformed from a routine waste removal job to a large, time consuming, hazardous and life-threatening job.

At first glance, it appears that hiring a full-sized 8 cubic metre skip is the cheapest way to get rid of your garbage pile. Yet when we look at the fact that the large, unhygienic and potentially dangerous pile of rubbish you need to fill the skip with, could require you hiring in additional help to clean up, then any cost saving is negated entirely. A more manageable solution both financially and from the point of view of the actual task of filling the skip, is to hire a smaller skip bin. These are cheaper to hire, and can be filled quickly, even by a lone worker. The best skip bin hire Frankston.

An often overlooked fact of backyard dump piles is the smell and the more organic material you put in your dump pile, the worse the smell becomes. Not only is the smell bad, but it acts like a signal to all types of insects and vermin that there is party all are welcomed to. The more insects and vermin that are attracted to your dump pile, the worse the smell. Your neighbours would also be questioning what’s that smell and are well within their right to call the authorities to report you. The council will most likely issue you with a clean up order. Even though you were always going to get rid of the dump pile in your own time, all of sudden you are being forcibly made to do it now. Too bad if you hurt your back adding to the dump pile over the weekend, or you are about to go on a cruise. You’ll need to drop everything and abide by the council order. Clean up orders are issued to homeowners over Melbourne regularly for this reason but this time, it could be you. Skip bin hire Frankston offers the best solution.

The ideal situation is to hire a smaller size skip bin each time and at a time when you can fill it completely. That way, you’ll avoid all the problems associated with insects, vermin and council clean up orders. Don’t settle for the risks as they will occur when you least expect them to occur.

skip bin hire frankston

Tips to minimise the amount of waste

  • Reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Recycle organic waste using a compost bin
  • Keep wasted meal leftovers to a minimum
  • Re-use shopping bags, boxes and other storage items.

Taking your time to fill your skip bin will save you money are you will be able to get your waste into a smaller bin than you would need if you just dumped your waste into a skip without thinking about all the wasteful air pockets that you are creating. In a recent survey across Melbourne, 94% of skip bins were not packed properly and contained on average, 41% of air despite being full to the brim.

Objectives of skip hire Frankston

We aim to educate people on the best way to extract the most value from a skip bin, by filling it with the most garbage possible. A smaller skip will be easier to fill, and thus be more economical for the customer.

Classification of waste products

When we hire out a skip bin, we intend that it is used for one of two particular categories of waste, and these are: Organic matter – this covers anything that comes from a living source, such as the waste left over when preparing food, hedge clippings, clothes made from cotton or some other natural fabric or pet hairs. Inorganic matter – everything else, such as clothes made from man made fibres, plasterboard, polystyrene packaging and used coffee pods.

What Melbourne Skips offers

Here at skip bin hire Frankston, we know that we must take care of our customers well. Therefore, when you hire a skip bin from us, we will always try to work out a drop off and collection time that suits your busy schedule. On top of this, we make an effort to deliver the skip in a location that will make the task of filling it with garbage as simple as possible. Our fleet of skip transporters is based in a local Melbourne depot, and we can deliver to your home very quickly. If you call us on 131 546, we will ask you some questions to help decide just what size of skip you need, and we will ask you what times fit with your schedule for delivering and pickup up the skip.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Clear assessment of customers expectations
  • Service delivery in line with customer expectations
  • Quiet vehicles to not disturb the neighbours
  • Best value for money in skip hire

Melbourne Skips are a highly reputable company and we attract reviews and testimonials from our customers who speak of smooth and seamless skip bin hire Frankston experience. Our customers remember the courtesy in which their orders are taken and comment friends and family on the great service they received.

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