We have all faced the challenge of disposing of more garbage than we can fit in our bins. The government has taken great pains to cut down the amount of waste we produce, by imposing weekly limits in the form of how much we can actually fit in each bin. If you have too much garbage one week, what do you do? You could hold on to it, putting as much as you can into your bin each week until it is gone. A much better option is to hire a skip bin Narre Warren and get rid of it all in one go.

Of course you can dedicate a dump pile in the rear corner of your backyard with the idea that you can store your waste and even add to it over the coming months. Then when it is big enough, call someone to clear it for you or you can do it yourself if you hire a large skip bin. The problem with building up a waste pile in your backyard is that it become a breeding ground for insects and vermin. For spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice, your dump mound is a playground to thrive, have fun, lay eggs, raise a family and spread disease. When it comes time to get rid of your dump mound, the task is transformed from a routine waste removal job to a large, time consuming, hazardous and life-threatening job.

At first glance, it appears that hiring a full-sized 8 cubic metre skip is the cheapest way to get rid of your garbage pile. Yet when we look at the fact that the large, unhygienic and potentially dangerous pile of rubbish you need to fill the skip with, could require you hiring in additional help to clean up, then any cost saving is negated entirely. A more manageable solution both financially and from the point of view of the actual task of filling the skip, is to hire a smaller skip bin. These are cheaper to hire, and can be filled quickly, even by a lone worker. The best skip bin hire Narre Warren.

If the garbage pile you keep adding too in your backyard is made up primarily of organic matter such as garden or food waste, it is going to smell pretty bad. The more waste you add, the hotter the weather, and the longer you leave the garbage without cleaning it up, the worse it is going to smell. That bad smell has a purpose, it is warning you that the garbage is unhygienic, and potentially toxic to humans. Unfortunately, many other animals such as rats, mice and roaches don’t find rotting garbage harmful at all and are more than happy to move in to such a great ready-made home. If you live in a neighbourhood where people live closely together, then your neighbour might be able to smell your garbage pile form their own yard. A good neighbour will politely ask you to do something about cleaning up your yard. A worse neighbour might go behind your back, direct to the council. This could result in a cleanup order being sent to your home, and you will have to clean up your yard right away. A much better way to tackle the problem of excess garbage, is to hire a small bin skip, and clean your yard more regularly. Melbourne Skips has bin skips hire Narre Warren that are perfect for this.

A good solution to the problem of having to store excess garbage, is to rather than wait until you have enough to fill a large skip, is to move to a smaller form factor such as a bin skip. This will mean you cut down on the amount of time your garbage is piled up, and also cut down on vermin infestations.

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Tips to minimise the amount of waste

  • Keep wasted meal leftovers to a minimum
  • Recycle organic waste using a compost bin
  • Re-use shopping bags, boxes and other storage items.
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced

Consider that a survey has proven that 94% of skip bins Narre Warren are not filled properly and that only around 59% of the usable space has been filled, with the rest being just air. This means that when you fill your skip bin, it pays to take time to do the job right, making sure you fill it completely. This way you will reap the best value from the cost of hiring your skip bin.

Objectives of skip hire Narre Warren

Our goal is to generate awareness of the most economical way to fill skip bins which maximises the volume of waste disposed and reduces cost to the homeowner by ordering a smaller skip bin hire.

Classification of waste products

A skip bin is designed to be used to remove two separate types of waste, and these are: Organic waste – this includes garden waste such as leaves and branches, leftover food, clothing that is made from 100% natural fabrics, and waste paper or cardboard. Inorganic waste – this includes waste such as old bricks, ceiling tiles, wiring, light bulbs, old empty paint tins and paint brushes, bicycle tires and metal door hinges.

What Melbourne Skips offers

Here at skip bin hire Narre Warren, we know that we must take care of our customers well. Therefore, when you hire a skip bin from us, we will always try to work out a drop off and collection time that suits your busy schedule. On top of this, we make an effort to deliver the skip in a location that will make the task of filling it with garbage as simple as possible. Our fleet of skip transporters is based in a local Melbourne depot, and we can deliver to your home very quickly. If you call us on 131 546, we will ask you some questions to help decide just what size of skip you need, and we will ask you what times fit with your schedule for delivering and pickup up the skip.

  • Service delivery in line with customer expectations
  • Quiet vehicles to not disturb the neighbours
  • Clear assessment of customers expectations
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Best value for money in skip hire

Melbourne Skips are a highly reputable company and we attract reviews and testimonials from our customers who speak of smooth and seamless skip bin hire Narre Warren experience. Our customers remember the courtesy in which their orders are taken and comment friends and family on the great service they received.

How to Contact Us

If you need a skip delivered in the Melbourne area quickly, and at a competitive price, then look no further. We are a well-known local company, that provides a cost-effective and reliable skip hire service. We have many sizes of skips available for instant delivery. If you would like to know more, then give us a call on 131 546, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.