What do you do if your recycling bin is already full, and you need to dispose of additional garbage such as hedge trimmings, or a stack of old magazines you no longer have room to store? One of the challenges faced by every household in Melbourne is to manage their waste efficiently, sorting it, and putting it into the correct bin each week. But when the bins are already full, how do we dispose of the left-over garbage? You could order a skip bin hire Tarneit.

What options do you have if you can’t fit all your garbage in your bins each week? Many people decide that the best course of action is to simply store the excess rubbish, until they have enough to full up a large skip. So, once they have made a big enough pile of garbage in their garden, they then hire in a skip, and either pay somebody to clean up the garbage pile for them, or spend time tacking what is now a major task on their own. All of the time the garbage is being piled up in the garden, it makes an attractive home to many types of vermin. Rats, mice, roaches, and even urban foxes are attracted to a pile of rubbish. And of course, that stinking mess of rotting garbage isn’t exactly attractive if you want to spend time enjoying your garden.

While there are cost benefits from getting one 8 cubic metre skip compared to ordering four 2 cubic metre skips. The cost benefits are quickly disappear when you factor in the labour required to fill a single 8 cubic metre skip and risks to you and the people there to give you a hand. By far, the best solution is to get rid of the waste as it is created and for that, hiring a smaller skip is easy on the pocket, easy to fill and gives you complete peace of mind. Skip bin hire Tarneit are the best to call!

It is a simple fact that piles of garbage, especially organic matter, start to smell as it decomposes. The more garbage you pile on, and the hotter the weather gets, the worse this smell gets. You might find that smell disgusting, but for some types of vermin such as rats and roaches, it is an invite to move into a luxury new home and start a family. Once this happens, you have a garbage pile in your garden that stinks and is also overrun with vermin. Some people might find this totally acceptable. But you can bet that even if you can live with the smell, your neighbours won’t want to, and rightly so. If one of your neighbours makes a quick phone call to the Melbourne council, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a clean-up order, meaning you will have to clean up your garbage pile immediately. However, if you were to clear up your waste pile more frequently, using a smaller bin skip, you could avoid these problems easily, and in many cases, far more cost-effectively. Melbourne Skips has just the right bin skips for this.

Switching from a large skip to a smaller bin slip hire more frequently will solve many of the problems that we have highlighted with storing excess garbage in your backyard. Because the garbage pile is cleaned away more regularly, it doesn’t smell as much, and won’t have as many vermin living in it.

skip bins Tarneit

Tips to minimise the amount of waste

  • Keep wasted meal leftovers to a minimum
  • Recycle organic waste using a compost bin
  • Re-use shopping bags, boxes and other storage items.
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced

A recent survey has shown that in the Melbourne area, most skip bins are only ever around 59% full. The rest is empty space and air pockets. Indeed, 94% of skip bins are not completely full when they are picked up. Always take time to make sure that the garbage you put into your skip bin is compacted down, and that any pockets of air have been filled up as well. This will help you get the most return on investment for the hire cost.

Objectives of skip hire Tarneit

Small skip bins fill more quickly, so you are more likely to be able to fill them up completely, without leaving any empty space. This means that you are extracting the most value from your skip every time you hire one.

Classification of waste products

When we hire out a skip bin, we intend that it is used for one of two particular categories of waste, and these are: Organic matter – this covers anything that comes from a living source, such as the waste left over when preparing food, hedge clippings, clothes made from cotton or some other natural fabric or pet hairs. Inorganic matter – everything else, such as clothes made from man made fibres, plasterboard, polystyrene packaging and used coffee pods.

What Melbourne Skips offers

We always make sure that we do our best for our customers, and always arrange a delivery and pickup time to suit them where possible. When you call us to order a skip bin, we will ask where you would like it placed, to make filling it as easy as possible. Melbourne Skips has a fleet of skip trucks, covering the Melbourne area from our local yard. We can deliver a skip to your home rapidly. The only thing you need to do arrange for your skip bin to be delivered is to call us on 131 546. One of our customer service team will talk you through choosing the optimal size skip and then arrange a convenient delivery and collection time.

  • Best value for money in skip hire
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Quiet vehicles to not disturb the neighbours
  • Service delivery in line with customer expectations
  • Clear assessment of customers expectations

Melbourne Skips is a skip hire company, based in Melbourne, which makes a great effort to please every customer, every time. From our customer reviews, you can clearly see that we are renowned for providing a simple, easy process for hiring a skip. We pride ourselves on the number of customers who refer us to their friends and family and value each and every client.

How to Contact Us

Melbourne Skips offers the residents of Melbourne a skip hire service that aims to please every customer, every time. We have skips in all shapes and sizes, suitable for many different types of waste. They can be delivered to your home quickly, from our depot in Melbourne. Give us a call on today 131 546 to order your skip and arrange a drop-off and pickup time that suits your schedule.