Sometimes, you have far too much garbage to dispose of than the weekly limit set by your local council. Your recycling bin is seldom big enough to fit just your normal household waste. So, when you have extra waste, such as garden trimmings, cardboard boxes from unpacking large purchases, or stacks of old newspapers from the cupboard you cleaned out last week, you will need to hire a skip bin Wheelers Hill. This is where Melbourne Skips comes in.

Many people choose to store their excess garbage, making a pile of it in their garden, adding to the growing pile each week. Once the pile is large enough, they hire in a large skip, and load it up with excess garbage pile, or pay somebody to clean it up for them. In fact, many people believe this is the only real option. To store excess rubbish until you have enough to fill up a large skip, and then dispose of the entire pile in one go. The problem is, this pile of rotting waste, will be a natural home for many types of vermin such as rats, mice, cockroaches and flies. Do you really want to ruin your garden during the summer months, by having a stinking, rotting pile of garbage in one corner? And of course, by the time the pile is big enough to fill a large skip, simply moving it into the skip is now a major task.

When we look at the price of hiring a large, 8 cubic metre skip, it seems to be the cheapest way to dispose of any excess garbage you have piled up in your garden. And whilst this is true if you fill the skip yourself, the actual effort involved in cleaning up a dangerous and unhygienic and filling a full-sized skip means you will likely want to pay somebody to undertake the task for you. A better solution would be not to wait until your garbage pile is big enough to fill a large skip but to hire a bin skip as soon as you have enough garbage to fill one. You can fill the skip yourself, negating the need to pay for extra help. Melbourne Skips has bin skip hire Wheelers Hill available for ordering.

If the garbage pile you keep adding too in your backyard is made up primarily of organic matter such as garden or food waste, it is going to smell pretty bad. The more waste you add, the hotter the weather, and the longer you leave the garbage without cleaning it up, the worse it is going to smell. That bad smell has a purpose, it is warning you that the garbage is unhygienic, and potentially toxic to humans. Unfortunately, many other animals such as rats, mice and roaches don’t find rotting garbage harmful at all and are more than happy to move in to such a great ready-made home. If you live in a neighbourhood where people live closely together, then your neighbour might be able to smell your garbage pile form their own yard. A good neighbour will politely ask you to do something about cleaning up your yard. A worse neighbour might go behind your back, direct to the council. This could result in a cleanup order being sent to your home, and you will have to clean up your yard right away. A much better way to tackle the problem of excess garbage, is to hire a small bin skip, and clean your yard more regularly. Melbourne Skips has bin skips hire Wheelers Hill that are perfect for this.

The ideal situation is to hire a smaller size skip bin each time and at a time when you can fill it completely. That way, you’ll avoid all the problems associated with insects, vermin and council clean up orders. Don’t settle for the risks as they will occur when you least expect them to occur.

Tips to minimise the amount of waste

  • Recycle organic waste using a compost bin
  • Re-use shopping bags, boxes and other storage items.
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Keep wasted meal leftovers to a minimum

A recent survey has shown that in the Melbourne area, most skip bins are only ever around 59% full. The rest is empty space and air pockets. Indeed, 94% of skip bins are not completely full when they are picked up. Always take time to make sure that the garbage you put into your skip bin is compacted down, and that any pockets of air have been filled up as well. This will help you get the most return on investment for the hire cost.

Objectives of skip hire Wheelers Hill

Small skip bins fill more quickly, so you are more likely to be able to fill them up completely, without leaving any empty space. This means that you are extracting the most value from your skip every time you hire one.

Classification of waste products

The kind of waste we deal with when we hire a skip always fits into two different categories: Organic waste – here we are talking about all of the garbage that comes from an organic product. This covers items such as food leftovers, grass cuttings, coffee grounds, and clothing made of fabrics such as wool. Inorganic waste – here we are talking about all of the non-organic waste such as cement dust, old tiles and clothes made from fabrics such as polyester.

What Melbourne Skips offers

Melbourne Skips prides itself on providing the best customer experience possible. When you order a skip bin hire Wheelers Hill, we always go that extra mile to make sure our service is exceptional. We will try to fix a delivery and collection time that suits your timetable. We will also attempt to drop the skip off in the optimal position for filling it quickly and easily. Our custom fleet of vehicles is based in our Melbourne yard, meaning that we can have a skip bin delivered to your home quickly. To order your skip bin, call us now on 131 546. We will discuss the size of your load with you, and help you choose the right size of skip, and then we will work out the best schedule for dropping off the empty skip and picking up the full one.

  • Quiet vehicles to not disturb the neighbours
  • Best value for money in skip hire
  • Service delivery in line with customer expectations
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Clear assessment of customers expectations

We are a Melbourne skip hire firm that has built a reputation for putting its client’s needs first. The feedback we receive from our customers regularly praises us on the efficiency of our service, and the simplicity of ordering a skip. Many of our customers refer their friends, family and work colleagues to us, due to the exceptionally high level of service we deliver.

How to Contact Us

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