Long gone are the days when you could fill your dustbin to overflowing, knowing that the dustman would take it all away. Now we have to sort our garbage, deciding which bin it should go in, and we are limited on the space in each bin. This means that if one week, we have additional waste such as grass cuttings, or empty boxes, we might not be able to fit them in with our standard weekly household waste. One way to get around this problem is to hire a skip bin hire Caroline Springs.

You could store your additional garbage, making a pile in your back garden or driveway. You can keep adding to this pile until it is big enough to have it dumped by renting a skip and having someone clear it for you. However, during the months that the rubbish pile is growing, you are providing a habitat for rats, cockroaches and other vermin. The pile of rubbish becomes a health hazard, an unhygienic pile of waste. When the time comes to clear the garbage pile, it has become a huge task. One that is messy, unhealthy and potentially harmful. For a large garbage pile, it could take an entire weekend to load it into a large skip, and then clean up the area of your garden that has been hidden away under the rubbish pile.

If we do the math, then hiring a single, large, 8 cubic metre skip seems to be the lowest cost option for disposing of excess garbage. Yet we need to factor in the extra effort involved in filling a large skip. If you intend to do it alone, it could take several days. If you hire extra bodies to help you fill the skip, the lower cost of hiring the skip is entirely offset by the additional cost of paying for help. A better idea is to regularly hire a smaller bin skip. You can fill this on your own, and your garbage pile will never grow very large. You can order from skip bin hire Caroline Springs.

There is one thing you can be absolutely sure of if you start piling up all your extra garbage in your backyard. It is going to stink. If you are adding waste such as left-over food and other organic substances to the garbage pile, it’s going to stink even worse. And once the summer comes along, that smell could make your garden unusable. Your garbage pile is also going to be very attractive to a whole host of nasty vermin. Who wants rats and cockroaches living in their yard? You might decide that you can live with the smell, and don’t mind having to share your home with vermin. But your neighbours might not have a similar disposition. If your rubbish pile reeks, don’t be surprised if your neighbour comes calling, asking you to do something about it. Even worse, your neighbour might report you directly to the council. If they do, you will likely be sent a cleanup order from the council. You can’t ignore this, you will need to act on it straight away. To avoid these problems, you could hire a smaller bin skip regularly, to keep your garbage pile manageable. Skip bin hire Caroline Springs has the perfect bin skips for this.

There is a way to solve all of the problems associated with storing up to a large skip full or garbage in a pile in your backyard. A very simple solution. All you need to do is clear the garbage away more regularly. You can hire a smaller bin skip and fill it entirely, instead of waiting for 8 cubic metres of waste to pile up.

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Tips to minimise the amount of waste

  • Keep wasted meal leftovers to a minimum
  • Recycle organic waste using a compost bin
  • Re-use shopping bags, boxes and other storage items.
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced

Taking your time to fill your skip bin will save you money are you will be able to get your waste into a smaller bin than you would need if you just dumped your waste into a skip without thinking about all the wasteful air pockets that you are creating. In a recent survey across Melbourne, 94% of skip bins were not packed properly and contained on average, 41% of air despite being full to the brim.

Objectives of skip hire Caroline Springs

Our goal is to generate awareness of the most economical way to fill skip bins which maximises the volume of waste disposed and reduces cost to the homeowner by ordering a smaller skip bin hire.

Classification of waste products

The kind of waste we deal with when we hire a skip always fits into two different categories: Organic waste – here we are talking about all of the garbage that comes from an organic product. This covers items such as food leftovers, grass cuttings, coffee grounds, and clothing made of fabrics such as wool. Inorganic waste – here we are talking about all of the non-organic waste such as cement dust, old tiles and clothes made from fabrics such as polyester.

What Melbourne Skips offers

Melbourne Skips prides itself on providing the best customer experience possible. When you order a skip bin hire Caroline Springs, we always go that extra mile to make sure our service is exceptional. We will try to fix a delivery and collection time that suits your timetable. We will also attempt to drop the skip off in the optimal position for filling it quickly and easily. Our custom fleet of vehicles is based in our Melbourne yard, meaning that we can have a skip bin delivered to your home quickly. To order your skip bin, call us now on 131 546. We will discuss the size of your load with you, and help you choose the right size of skip, and then we will work out the best schedule for dropping off the empty skip and picking up the full one.

  • Best value for money in skip hire
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Quiet vehicles to not disturb the neighbours
  • Service delivery in line with customer expectations
  • Clear assessment of customers expectations

Melbourne Skips is a skip hire company, based in Melbourne, which makes a great effort to please every customer, every time. From our customer reviews, you can clearly see that we are renowned for providing a simple, easy process for hiring a skip. We pride ourselves on the number of customers who refer us to their friends and family and value each and every client.

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